DECEMBER 9, 2022

Jasbeer Singh

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This Simulation Video Of Car Crash Is A Reminder Why You Must Drive Safe


or a safer journey, it is always advised to drive within the speed limit to avert accidents. Now, a terrifying car crash simulation video is sure to make you pay keen attention to the safety norm. The extent of damage caused by the car at higher speeds is also high and the simulation video is proof of it. The first car in the clip runs at a speed of 30mph when it hits a pole. Only the front area appears to be crumpled with manageable damage, however, the situation is changed for the cars with high speed. At 50mph, the damage still appears to be manageable, but the vehicle is totally wrecked at 80mph.

When the collision takes place at 120 mph, the situation turns worse and the car becomes unrecognizable. At the pace of 180mph, the wheels of the vehicle fall off leaving it totally wrecked. But the same cannot be said for the interpretation of cars at 200 mph and 260 mph. The video indicated how the vehicle turns into a ball of destruction making it a ticking time bond. Chances of survival gradually decrease from 30 mph to 260 mph. If the video is anything to go by, it is apparent that surviving the collision at 200 and 260 mph will only be a miracle.

The Twitter user who shared the chilling video urged everyone to use it as a gentle yet scary reminder of why one must choose to drive safely. Many get carried away with the emotions of road rage and the increasing temptation to drive at a higher speed, but the destruction it leaves behind is sometimes unsalvageable. “It is so easy to get carried away by the new generation cars that one is tempted to drive at very high speeds on the increasingly good quality expressways in the country. But do look at this video that demonstrates the impact of high-speed collisions on these vehicles. Drive safe,” wrote the user. Watch the simulation video here:

While responding to the clip, a user highlighted along with the speed the quality of the vehicle also plays a key role. The user commented, “On a lighter note we also need to find out what material they used to make the impact stump, that should be used for important installations on the highways.”

Another added, “Brilliantly made. Proves the point.”

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